He’s not as perfect as you think. Sure, He created everything and understands just about everything, but don’t you think a God that emphasizes mercy, forgiveness and grace doesn’t also desire it himself? It’s a little hard for me to explain, but He isn’t as perfect as you think, He’s imperfect, and also allowed to make mistakes. Does that mean that you could be a mistake? Well that doesn’t mean anything. You’re probably surprised by me telling you this. I’ve go to tell you, I completely understand.

Now, can you imagine trying to meet the requirement of perfect? It’s simply just not fair to that person. I’d also rather be imperfect, allowed to make mistakes. Now that’s perfection.

I’ll be getting into another post later, called “He never meant to hurt anybody,” which relates to this topic, and it is true, He never meant to. He’s imperfect too. So then you might think, what hope do we have then? Common, He’s the creator of the universe, knows everything about you and loves everything about you. He’s a good, good father. Imperfectly asks us also for some lenience and patience to be that good, good father. He can’t do everything. Anything, yes. You see He’s sensitive, yet understanding and needs us to understand that He’s doing his best and would have made everything perfect if He could, but that just doesn’t exist. I don’t even know what that would look like, scary almost. So let’s be content being made perfectly in his imperfect image, and do our part to behave and all get along. He’ll be right beside us, the whole way 🙂

Published by Jarvis Emerald

I manage the Daily Gem.

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