Be gentle in your knowing

I sure hope you love this post. It is something that I have thought a lot about and , if taken to heart, can be a real game changer. Now, doesn’t that sound better than any hype about how great something is and feeling that you have to do it? This is what I am specifically talking about, and you don’t have to take my word for it, if you see what I’m saying it and it makes sense to you, I encourage you to adopt the awareness.

Here’s the point, we have to be gentle in our presenting the knowledge we have to share with each other or it can wind up doing the complete opposite for the cause. In fact, wouldn’t it be best if we just believed and understood, acted accordingly for others to witness, and allow the Lord to work through us rather than preaching all the time?

Yes, it’s true, we all know things from our perspective and experience and feel as if everyone should know it too to help save someone from their pain. But isn’t it easier to acknowledge that we are not responsible for another’s actions or thoughts? Whew! what a relief. Then why do we feel we have the responsibility to change the world by sharing our knowledge with everyone? I understand that it is helpful and if we do have to share because we know it will help the other dramatically or even a little, wouldn’t it be best to be gentle about proposing the advice, so they wind up lowering their walls, accepting and making the choice themselves? I hope so.

For example before we present all this knowing we have to another of the good news, we need to build trust and rapport with another that we have their best intentions in mind and that they know that 100%. So how do we do that? Well, how about by just finding out what they really are talking about first before we “solve their problem” with the right answer. They might not be even willing to change and just selfishly asking you to solve their problems, right? How about, once we can identify that the person with the problem is seeking for an answer, only then we can help them. Then there is no effort or miscommunication, resentment or wasted effort. Gentle navigation is helpful, too. Asking, getting them to answer their own questions is where we would like to go, ultimately.

The bottom line is that people don’t HAVE to do anything and pushing or pulling with the wrong intention can cause frustration, leading us away from the kingdom’s way. Remember, God is doing the work and is the only one we can do anything effective with, correct? So let’s be gentle in our knowing, ceasing from all anxiety that causes no good. Don’t you feel better now?

Published by Jarvis Emerald

I manage the Daily Gem.

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